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What are Emotional Intelligence Workshops?

Emotional Intelligence determines your ability to "connect" with others.  This connection, deemed by research as the most important component to success,  is what allows you to flourish at home, work, or anywhere.

Byron quickly discovered the main hinderance to learning EI was a lack of feedback from humans.  "The reason I use Wild Horses is because your connection style doesn't change when the species changes.  Working with wild horses immediately shows you your "type" of emotional intelligence.  This allows you to immediately make changes and then again test your own EI, using feedback from the wild horse.

These workshops are guaranteed to be impactful because they cover most learning styles auditory, visual and most importantly kinesthetic.  Byron believes things learned while moving through time and space, last forever.  Workshops can be done for groups of all sizes.  You can choose from an educational lecture or groups can schedule an actual live interaction with wild horses where they will putt into practice Emotional Intelligence techniques.  

Byron Hogan was once told "problems are not problems until they inhibit your ability to connect".  That could not be more  true in todays world whether working with horses or people. Hogan grew up in a challenging way, launching himself out of a broken home.  He was the only person in his home who did not end up dead or in prison.  He also was the only one who got involved with horses.  For years he's dedicated his life to training horses, wanting to become the world's greatest horseman.  His yearning to overcome and be successful led him to seek the common denominator among successful people, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.  That’s where the magic happened.  The years spent honing his horsemanship skills,  were the same skills needed for emotional intelligence. So much of Emotional Intelligence is determined by how the brain chooses to regulate.  A human brain and a wild horses brain regulate much in the same way!


Byron soon realized that his vocation and avocation had crossed paths and could be shared with everyone,  to create true transformation within the lives of others.  He went on to create his own brand of EI workshops for all walks of life.  Byron’s Emotional Intelligence workshops have helped to transform schools, in-service training, companies, families, and at risks groups. He has a developed a system using live Wild Horses to teach others how to become Emotionally Intelligent. Attendees will learn how to create control by creating connection. Byron says “Wild Horses help us refine EI, practice EI, and discover what limits our ability to have more connection with others.”  


Ready to host?

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